Tired Over the Restless Fighting Sioux Debate?

Many people have been either happy and/or complaining about today’s news. It got me thinking…






5 “peoples” that are probably tired of the Fighting Sioux controversy…

Frank Black Cloud, Archie Fool Bear & Friends
Physically. They were marching all over the state to get more than the required 13,500 signatures to reinstate the name.
The Announcer at UND Hockey Games
Mentally. Ah! What do I say tonight? UND or Fighting Sioux?! “University of North Dakota Fighting Sssss… errrr…. UND Men’s Hockey team…. Scoooorrrinnnngggg…”
Institutionally. If the school is following a state law, do we still pull teams from the conference?
Reporters all over the state
Emotionally. Another round of the biggest story of (at least) the decade and another round of people telling you they’re tired of hearing about it. We can not ignore this stuff.
UND President Kelley
Mentally. Don’t shoot the messenger.
(Bonus person of mention on this list:  Darryl Danielson per his comments on Facebook:  “I am GLAD to see it back, but then I am also so tired of this fight over it.” …We appreciate the input, Darryl!)
One group of “peoples” that probably aren’t tired…
UND / Fighting Sioux fans
– Either way they cheer for the same players in their respective sports. Either way they wear their Fighting Sioux gear. Either way they cheer for the land of the free and the home of the Sioux.
My question to you is… If the nickname dies, do the “Fighting Sioux” really die?